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The internet website -Site- offers to its visitors -User(s)- on-demand paid educational video content -Content- relevant to the world of professional dentistry, its most advanced tools and processes and practice.

The Site Users will have access to a choice of Content, which upon registration and payment of the Viewing Rights, can be viewed in streaming on demand on their devices, for an unlimited amount of times and time, as long as it is available on the Site.

Registration to the Site

Registration on the Site is necessary to allow us to fulfill the contractual, administrative and legal obligations deriving from your purchase of the Vision Rights and, if you like, to keep in touch with you.

Purchase of Viewing Rights and payment

The Content is offered on the Site individually or in packages, and in the same way it is possible to purchase its Viewing Rights.

Once the Registration is complete you will have access to your Personal Area, where you can select the Content of your interest, save it in the Cart and proceed to purchase the related Viewing rights, completing the payment by credit card or PayPal.

Viewing mode

The offered Content is accessible via on demand streaming.

When you purchase the Viewing Rights of one or more Videos (Content), they will become available in your Personal Area for on demand streaming, which will take place through your browser installed on suitable devices connected to the internet, such as fixed or portable computers, tablets, phones or other.

Streaming playback quality

To help maximum compatibility, the Content is available on the Site in the most common and universally accepted format, H264/MP4.

We make every effort to provide the best possible vision experience, but the resolution and quality of the played back Content depends on a number of factors, including the type of device used for playback and the speed of your internet connection, which may vary over the course of time and over which we have no control.

If we find that the video playback is interrupted or otherwise subject to inconveniences due to your connection limitations or other factors, we may reduce the resolution and size of the streaming file in an attempt to provide uninterrupted vision.

Despite our efforts and the optimization applied to provide the best possible vision, there is no way to guarantee the resolution or quality of the streaming Content you will receive.


The payment of the Viewing Rights gives right to the on-demand streaming Content vision only, for private and personal use.

Any different use, as well as the recording or saving of the Content, are excluded without the prior written consent of e-digitaldentistry srl.

We reserve the right to verify compliance with these terms and, should we reasonably believe, at our sole discretion, that they are not respected, we reserve the right to limit the User's access to the Content, up to the eventual closure of the account, without being owed anything.

After not less than 3 years from publication of the Content on the Site, e-digitaldentistry srl reserves the right to remove it when deemed no longer up to date or interesting, without anything being due to the Users who had purchased the Viewing Rights.


We have full confidence in the value and correctness of the procedures illustrated in the Contents that through the Site we make available to the Users.

However, the application of these procedures and any and all resulting consequences is and always will remain the complete and exclusive responsibility of the Users, who in complete autonomy decide their implementation and execution. By completing the payment procedure for the Content selected on the Site, the Users explicitly acknowledge the complete acceptance of this liability clause, fully relieving e-digitaldentistry srl from any resulting present or future liability.


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Registration will give you free access to several introductory lessons and scientific literature directly related to the various courses. Purchase of a full course means that you will be periodically informed about new developments in the field and gives you unlimited access to the connected library that will be kept updated with latest publications.

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